Mastermind with 49 principals to achieve financial freedom & life:work balance with a self-managing dream team

Who it's for:

This mastermind is for the ambitious practice owner looking for more; more time, more patient happiness, more income and more fun.  If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:

  • Reward for effort: You're working hard, putting in the hours and feel that you deserve more in return.
  • Not enough hours in the day: If the day was 28 hours long you'd be able to make more money and have better balance in your life.  
  • ​Your fees: You'd like to charge more but you're worried about patients saying NO, rejecting you or worse still, leaving the practice. 
  • ​The old model of dentistry: To earn more you work more hours or charge more per hour. 
  • Team: Recruitment, retention,  training, motivation, engagement.
  • ​In it not on it: You're working so hard clinically that its hard to find the time, motivation and tactics for growing your business, training your team.

What our clients are saying:

Maya Chohan
"Since working with Barry I am about 300% up on my turnover and now I have a great team around me and everything is less stressful."

Dr Happ Gill
"I have invested a lot of time and money learning better communication. Barry has raised my game. I will have better communication with my patients as a result, this means doing more of the dentistry that I love doing and will have an impact on my bottom line too."

Dr Sheetal Kharbanda 
"Absolutely mind blowing and I can honestly say that 4 months later my feedback from patients and sales have gone through the roof. I always thought I was great at communication but Barry has taught me skills and techniques that have taken me to another level"

Dr Jake Garner  
"I can’t express enough how much it has helped with getting out of my own way and making me feel much more confident in discussing treatment plans with patients. I know I'm still a work in progress but I have already been discussing so much more with patients, in as much detail as they need,  based on their wants,  which they have told me, not me guessing and therefore they are saying YES ! The investment I made in your course has an infinite ROI."

How it works

This is an exclusive opportunity designed for those committed to living life at a level few may ever attain. Limited to an exclusive group of serious practice owners, the mastermind provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with and learn from other successful practice owners, access to coaches, proven systems and processes, have your team trained and grow at a level beyond what most believe possible.

  • Custom plan: Personal onboarding 1:2:1 session with Barry Oulton & Zachary Jarvis to map out your goals and plan for the year.
  • Live events: Quarterly 2-day live events - two in person, two virtually.
  • Tools: We will give you all the tools required to systemise, optimise and maximise your practice.
  • ​Peer Group: The private community where you hang out with 49 other principals who are scaling.
  • Coaching: Weekly Q&A coaching calls on Zoom where you can ask ANY questions live.
  • ​Accountability: Quarterly check-in's with your success coach to hold you accountable.
  • ​Support: Get 24/7 support via the community or email/chat/calls with your success coach.
  • DWY Marketing: Everything you need to attract your dream patients, built for you.
  • ​Team Training: Our exclusive program for your whole team to ensure their growth, the perfect patient journey and increased profit.
  •  ​Guarantee - If after implementing the program you don't get get a full return on your investment within the first 90 days, you get your money back, plus a holiday anywhere in the world on us!

How to get started

If you own a dental practice and you’re interested in masterminding with 49 others to achieve financial freedom & life:work balance with a self-managing dream team-

Schedule a call using the calendar below and somebody from our team will meet with you to see if this is a good fit. If you have any questions, email

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