The Confident Dentist: Dental Influence and Communication Trainings
Why join me on the Influencing Smiles training?
  •  Increased Job Satisfaction - less stress
  •  Increased Profit and Take Home Pay
  •  More time off with the ones you love
  •  Build amazing rapport with patients, family and friends - better relationships
  •  Compliments NOT Complaints
  •  Understand how patients buy and thus sell more complex treatment plans
  •  Increased treatment acceptance
  •  Unlimited referrals and reviews
Communication is the key to everything.

"I've been a dentist for 25 years, I learnt these techniques 12 years ago and it has been life changing. They helped me improve my communication and that resulted in a
Seven Figure Single-Handed Practice"
Dr. Barry Oulton

To be at your best in dentistry, I will teach you what has worked for me and will work for you - How to be World-Class in communication.
"Influencing Smiles is the best course I've attended in the last decade"
Dr. Vishal Kumar

"Influencing Smiles is a game changer"
Dr. Jon Benton
Our Mission
At The Confident Dentist Training Academy, our mission is to help dental professionals, like you, learn world-class communication skills, selling with integrity and personal development through the use of human needs psychology, NLP and years of experience in the profession. 
With these skills you can build incredible relationships and have more impact and make a bigger difference, both professionally and personally. 
We Specialise In:
Optimum Sales Training
Increasing Profits
Creating Valuable Relationships
Influential Communications Training
Personal Development & Coaching
Winning Business
And More...
Welcome to Influencing Smiles
The Leaders in Dental Communication Training and Ethical Influence and Sales Trainings
Attention: Dental Professionals and Teams
There is one word that you use every day that is numbing your effectiveness with your Patients, Production and Profit ...
To find out what it is and what to do about it click below to receive this seven-minute video training with Dr. Barry Oulton. After you have watched this video you will improve your communications with patients and loved-ones and even increase your own daily motivation. This video is being provided 100% free (a £50 value)
What if you could easily communicate with anyone in your business or personal life. What results could you achieve?

Love, connection, money, promotion, success, happiness?
We all know someone in our life that we find it so easy to communicate with, when it's easy and effortless.        
This person could be a partner, a patient, a friend, a sibling or parent.

We also know people in our lives who we find it hard, even impossible to understand or communicate with.        
This person could be a partner, a patient, a friend, a sibling or parent!!!!!

The Confident Dentist is a training company specialising in world-class communication training for Dental Practices, Teams, Specialists and Organisations. Using the processes we teach, you'll be able to improve your communication, increase your leadership in the practice, creating cohesiveness, responsiveness and rapport among your team.

You'll learn world class communication skills and how to sell with integrity to help your patients make the best choices available (rather than the cheapest), thereby increasing your private dentistry income. You'll even improve your personal relationships among family and friends as you learn about human dynamics and how to connect better with everyone you communicate with.

Please look around the site at the services we offer and be sure to watch the video offered above. Please contact Sally at for more information.
Dr. Barry Oulton is a practising dentist and the owner of the award winning Haslemere Dental with over 25+ years of experience.

Dr. Oulton has spent 20 years as a practice owner, is a KOL for Septodont & Cerezen, Master of NLP & Hypnotherapy. As a single-handed dentist with a £1Million turnover, Dr. Oulton is a passionate, energetic and tremendous teacher with invaluable learnings to share.


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Eliminate this one word to get better results with your patients and your team.

Learn how to become a better communicator in your practice with this one-hour video training.